"When you learn, teach.
                                When you get, give."
                                     Maya Angelou

Our Approach:

....is based on ideals articulated at our founding....
  a belief in human potential and personal development and a commitment to social and economic development.
Our Goals:

To establish educational and cultural enrichment opportunities.
To promote the attainment of financial stability and generational wealth.
To engage in advocacy efforts that support humanitarian, social justice and equity initiatives.

Our Mission:

To promote and sustain the economic and social well-being of people of color through education, cultural awareness, and advocacy.

Our Vision:

We envision local and global communities having access to fundamental rights and resources to ensure positive social change and an equitable quality of living.

Our VOICES.........
  .........Our POWER
Our Youth:

....are not only recipients of services, they are also active participants in their own transformation and that of the organization.